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Game updates - April 7th Edition

------------- Star Trek Online -----------
STO: is currently running a special new captain type - Delta Force, um, no, Delta Recruitment. Apparently you need to create a new character specifically for this and there are account-wide benefits for your Delta recruit leveling up to the max (or something like that). I guess they're trying to get people to spend more money. But hell, as long as they kept this game going I'll be more or less happy. I know their previous updates (season 7) trully ticked me off; but it's still Star Trek and they haven't Jar Jar Abram's the universe yet (nor demanded it to be ARC only). There is now a second BOff specialization; and more Tier 6 class vessels to support it. In short, a helluva lot has changed since we last logged in. I'll try and get some STO time in this week and maybe figure things out again :(  It is a great sign that they continue to improve this game (5 years old now?).

------------ Don't Starve Together ---------
Edging closer and closer to RoG Beta; they last updated RoG Alpha on April 2. So it's moving along nicely.
EDIT: and another update with more bug-fixes April 6th. Nice. Unlike a company responsible for a particular zombie game I used to like, DST's Klei and KSP are prime examples of companies dedicated to supporting their customers and improving their games. Speaking of which...

------------ State of Decay ------
Releasing the graphically updated, sans-dicks, version for purchase by the end of this month. With all their effort in updating graphics, you'd think they'd make it multiplayer which they said would only take a year, that was stated three years ago. With the genre now saturated with zombie games which already have superior graphics to SoD, there just might be something better out there - or well, maybe we just won't care anymore about it. Speaking about a company where so many were anticipating the release of its multi-million dollar funded game and got beat to the release by something better...

---------- ELITE: Dangerous (and a dig at Star Citizen) -----------
Just released and boy it looks good. Single player, multiplayer, and MMO? I'm dying to try this title out. Many are initially stating there's quite the steep learning curve in just how to fly your vessel (let alone everything else). I never played the original Elite; but this damn near looks like what Star Citizen promises except Elite is now available whereas Star Citizen has focused on reeling in the money without ever getting in the water (yet); now they may have missed the boat entirely. Good thing they already made millions off their promise of a game.

There is one scene in Elite's demos that made me want to purchase it already: Leonard Nimoy Station :) I guess they worked that in at the last minute before release; nice way to honor the actor that inspired so many scientists, myself included. Though worth the hefty price tag we all know there's a Steam Summer sale coming along soon - and there's already a ton of games we already own from previous sales...

------ KSP (Kerbal Space Program) -------
Version 1.0 is nearly out. That means they're done with Beta and ready for prime-time. I've just been waiting on this title until they're done. They were making just way too many changes to the game for me to continue enjoying it (and all the mods had to be updated way too frequently). I'm not certain if multiplayer is an option in 1.0, yet. I think it was planned, but can't recall for this version. I guess it would be a pleasant surprise when it actually happens. Unlike a certain zombie-company which considered and then refused to bother integrating despite re-releasing their game and expecting us all to pay for it again just for a graphics patch.

[WAR] Elites looking for dedicated members

[WAR] prides itself on being open to casual players, looking for friendly guildmates to team up with at any time. But for those looking for a little more, there are the [WAR] Elites.

WvW Spring Tournament is fast approaching. The Sons of Tzu will need to bring its best if the Republic is to emerge victorious. The [WAR] Elites are teams dedicated to moving and fighting as one throughout WvW. Regular meet-ups, training and cooperation. Optimize your build. Become the ideal teammate in a party you can rely on.

If you are a member of [WAR] and want to join the Elites, contact Jor the Prevailer.

RPG-Multiverse welcomes [WAR] Sons of Tzu!

From the battle-torn lands of Tyria (Guild Wars 2) comes the Sons of Tzu [WAR]!

Welcome ... and may the honor of victory forever be yours!

Neverwinter Reloaded

1st Order of Role-Players’ Guild

10 Year Anniversary Spectacular!


On February 4, 2004 the gates of an unbeknownst server were left unlocked…

Adventurers, heroes, cutthroats, and vagabonds wandered in to the lands of Neverwinter (nights).

Those of a like-mind, the greybeards as they were called, formed the 1st Order of Role-Players’ Guild.


[NWN: we return to where it all began; join us in the lands of Faerûn]

Together they gamed through the Neverwinter Nights campaigns; created new and wondrous worlds of adventure and expanded beyond the lands of Faerûn ; as modern day heroes (Champions Online); battle-forged Captains (Star Trek Online); survivors of Tyria with their own mission (Guild Wars); misfit oft-chaotic wizards in search of cheese (Magicka), would-be-heroes attempting to stop an unspeakable evil they released (Dungeon Defenders); and well the list just goes on and on. From heavy role-playing games, to very light-hearted insanity (Shoot Many Robots).

On February 4, 2014 new heroes have opened the rusted gates back into Neverwinter for new misadventures. The 1st Order of Role-Players' Guild 10 year anniversary spectacular returns (reloads) to the Neverwtiner Nights Campaign! Let the ground-guarding begin!

October - December 2013 - Star Trek Online Saturday Gaming Sessions!

With our Gaming Quarter of Champions Online closing for a half year; we once again return to Star Trek Online!

STO gaming sessions will meet every Saturday at 8:30pm (Eastern) from the first weekend in October until the last weekend of December (some major holidays excluded).