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Category: "Events"

Neverwinter Reloaded

1st Order of Role-Players’ Guild

10 Year Anniversary Spectacular!


On February 4, 2004 the gates of an unbeknownst server were left unlocked…

Adventurers, heroes, cutthroats, and vagabonds wandered in to the lands of Neverwinter (nights).

Those of a like-mind, the greybeards as they were called, formed the 1st Order of Role-Players’ Guild.


[NWN: we return to where it all began; join us in the lands of Faerûn]

Together they gamed through the Neverwinter Nights campaigns; created new and wondrous worlds of adventure and expanded beyond the lands of Faerûn ; as modern day heroes (Champions Online); battle-forged Captains (Star Trek Online); survivors of Tyria with their own mission (Guild Wars); misfit oft-chaotic wizards in search of cheese (Magicka), would-be-heroes attempting to stop an unspeakable evil they released (Dungeon Defenders); and well the list just goes on and on. From heavy role-playing games, to very light-hearted insanity (Shoot Many Robots).

On February 4, 2014 new heroes have opened the rusted gates back into Neverwinter for new misadventures. The 1st Order of Role-Players' Guild 10 year anniversary spectacular returns (reloads) to the Neverwtiner Nights Campaign! Let the ground-guarding begin!

October - December 2013 - Star Trek Online Saturday Gaming Sessions!

With our Gaming Quarter of Champions Online closing for a half year; we once again return to Star Trek Online!

STO gaming sessions will meet every Saturday at 8:30pm (Eastern) from the first weekend in October until the last weekend of December (some major holidays excluded).

Sunday Gaming Session

Gaming Session - Sunday, October 9nd

♣ 7:00 - 8:00 - Magicka

♣ 8:15 - 10:00pm - Champions Online