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[WAR] Elites looking for dedicated members

[WAR] prides itself on being open to casual players, looking for friendly guildmates to team up with at any time. But for those looking for a little more, there are the [WAR] Elites.

WvW Spring Tournament is fast approaching. The Sons of Tzu will need to bring its best if the Republic is to emerge victorious. The [WAR] Elites are teams dedicated to moving and fighting as one throughout WvW. Regular meet-ups, training and cooperation. Optimize your build. Become the ideal teammate in a party you can rely on.

If you are a member of [WAR] and want to join the Elites, contact Jor the Prevailer.

RPG-Multiverse welcomes [WAR] Sons of Tzu!

From the battle-torn lands of Tyria (Guild Wars 2) comes the Sons of Tzu [WAR]!

Welcome ... and may the honor of victory forever be yours!

Star Trek Online: Reunion interrupted....

Star Trek Online: Reunion interrupted....
Star Trek Online: Reunion interrupted....
Star Trek Online: Reunion interrupted....
Star Trek Online: Reunion interrupted....

Starfleet Academy Reunion-Interrupted

The once youthful Academy cadets pledged to return to the Academy one year after their graduation, however their joyous occasion met with the reappearance of the Federation’s most fearsome enemy. These few survivors of a brutal Borg assault, found themselves assigned as the acting captains of Light Escort vessels and given a shakedown mission to locate and assist the missing cargo vessel Azure.

Picture 1: A Sunspot – Lt. Jespah Tigan, a Caitian is resting on a bench enjoying the California sun. Although she caught the scent of her former classmates as they walked about the campus, she waited for them to come to her.

Picture 2: Class Reunion and the details of the Borg attack from different perspectives.

Picture 3: Lt. Jespah Tigan’s Light Escort the U.S.S. Lyncis Registry 922701 leaving Earth’s Starbase towards Sirius Sector Space in search of the Azure.

Picture 4: (Azure’s engine room) The Azure’s Warp Core has gone critical – abandon ship!

Picture 5: A toast in Club 602 to those fellow classmates lost, and the ones they could not save aboard the Azure.

(Guild: feel free to make suggestions, additions, etc…)

1st Order of Role-Players' Guild is going Trek!

Virtual Life doesn't get any better than this! Captain Sigil on the bridge of the his new ship :)

(oh and yes the resolution is 5760x1080 *grin* - hitting prt.scrn removes the entire HUD which is an excellent feature and pleasant surprise).

Star Trek Online is Free to Play!

When STO came out and was pay-to-play I was greatly disappointed. Then the reviews came in and were quite negative, so I felt glad I wasn't wasting my money on it... Well, this past week Star Trek Online went free to play and I am thoroughly addicted. STO has the feeling of a MMO done right which is a pleasant surprise. This one will be on my very short list of favorite multiplayer games.